6 April

“Katz On Dogs,” Tomorrow, Wednesday, 2 p.m., EDT WBTNAM, Streamed Everywhere

by Jon Katz

Dogs have been interwoven with my life for more than half a century, I love to think about them, live with them, talk about them study them. I’ve written books about them, watched them wither and die,  herd sheep, sleep on my legs, keep me company while I write, define the passages of my life.

Tomorrow, another dog dream coming true. I debut the permanent home of my new show “Katz On Dogs”, streaming everywhere in the world and based in cozy Community Radion Station WBTNAM.

The permanent home is Wednesday,  2 p.m., EST.

They have graciously given me one hour every week to talk with you about dogs and cats and other animals, and  I am grateful and will work hard to make that hour work.

There are several ways to listen to me or communicate. If you live near Bennington, Vt., you can just turn on your radio, WBTNAM1370 (soon to go FM).

If you don’t, it’s just as easy, perhaps easier. Go to the station website, WBTNAM.org and click on “live” at the top of the page and just listen. You can hear the broadcast from anywhere in America (tunein.com the APP works well also).

You can also join the streaming revolution on your Iphone or computer by downloading a radio app like tunein.com or iheart.com. You can hear the broadcast from anywhere in the world.

I’d love for you to call me with your questions and worries about your dog, cat, or other animals (I have donkeys, sheep, dogs, barn cats, chickens).

The toll-free number is 802 442- 1010. Please call if you can. The best conversations are in real-time. You can also e-mail me at, [email protected] and I will read your questions, research them if necessary and answer you on the air.

I don’t blow smoke up my own ass, if I don’t know the answer I will find out from the people who do know. My wife Maria Wulf will join me tomorrow and on most other programs for a special segment in which we talk about our lives with animals.

We’ve shared many animal experiences together.

Tomorrow, Maria is going to talk with me about the surprise birth a couple of weeks of our lamb Oliver, and the wild struggle to keep him alive. Later in the broadcast, Tracy Snell of Our Best Friends Rescue will call with a dog of the week who needs a home.

In between, I hope to talk to you or hear from you and talk about dogs in a civil and safe way. This is  No Nasty zone, social media insults are not permitted.

I have some good questions to answer from this week and last.

I strive to host one of the first, if not the first, thoughtful and useful dog broadcasts anywhere. The WBTN station managers tell me they are committed to supporting that goal, and I believe them.

I’m ambitious that way. You can help by calling: 802 442 – 1010, or by checking in – the broadcast is re-broadcast every Saturday at 9 am. and every Monday at noon.

WBTN is a community radio station. This is one of the last bastions of real humanity in the corporate tsunami that mainstream media has become.

I hope to make this work, it depends on you, your interest, and your calls. 802 442-1010. If you love your dog, one woman wrote me from California, this is the place to be.


  1. I started listening to you on the radio when you talked about dogs several years back and have been following you ever since. Your radio show will be great. Looking forward to listening to it.

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