7 April

My Window

by Jon Katz

I actually took this photo just outside my window, I was coming back into the house after throwing a ball for Zinnia out in the pasture when Bud barked – the signal that a carriage horse is coming. Bud can hear them a long way off.

I waited and I love this shot, it is such a soothing and uplifting way to begin the day.

The views from my window are different now, the trotting horses connect me even more to the farm, I’m sure the people who built our farmhouse in the early 1800s saw the very same thing at the beginning of their day.


  1. the horse drawn carriage is a sight (and sound) I would never tire of seeing…… like stepping into the past, in a way. I love these photos and hearing about your new friendship with these gentle neighbors! Thank you for giving me a window into their way of life

  2. This early morning picture reminded me that sometimes you run outside nekkid to take a good picture. Might have to change that habit…travel by horse is much slower and your neighbors might get a cheap thrill! LOL

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