8 April

No Treat, No Sleep

by Jon Katz

Maria’s band of thugs is moving their activities to bedtime. Fate sleeps downstairs in a crate, Zinnia and Bud sleep in our bedroom (Bud in a crate).

I trained them to come upstairs by giving them a treat when I got to the top of the stairs.

Sometimes Maria goes up with them, sometimes I come up a little later.

When I do, they are both waiting for me, suggesting that I might not get past the roadblock without a small treat. They look like they mean business, and the two are inseparable, they relish making trouble together.

I gave them each a piece of dog biscuit. They let me pass. Then they can plot to wake me up in the morning. I’m losing control of my own house.


  1. Yes! Perhaps Bud and Zinnia should have a segment on your radio program called “How to get what you want from your human.” LOL

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