19 April

Robin And A Bronx Zoo Gorilla: “I Guess She Wanted To Be Friends”

by Jon Katz

Sunday night I posted some photos of my four-year-old granddaughter, Robin, at the Bronx Zoo.

I have another one today, sent by my daughter this morning.

Robin seems to have opened a  remarkable friendship with a female gorilla at the zoo who saw her and came across to the window to look at Robin and try to touch hands.

Robin was not afraid or uncomfortable in any way. Perhaps that was the connection.

It was a beautiful and poignant thing, I was supposed to be there but had to cancel. My daughter Emma Span took this photo about the sudden bond between an animal and a child and they try to touch through the glass.

You could almost touch the connection. “I guess she wanted to be friends,” said Robin.

I guess so. We’re all planning to return in a few weeks.


  1. Very cool! The Bronx Zoo seems to be an amazing place. They have a show (Animal Planet channel) called “The Zoo.” You would probably enjoy it.

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