20 April

Farm Journal, April 20, 2021. My Life Today

by Jon Katz

An interesting Tuesday. At 11 a.m., I’m heading for the Mansion Assisted Care Facility, we are resuming my weekly readings now that I’ve been vaccinated and so have all the residents.

That should be an hour, I have six books to read in part, usually one chapter at a time.

Maria is coming and we hope to tell some stories of our lamb Robin and the struggle to keep him alive.

Afterward, time permitting, I’ll go to the gym for a 30-45 minute workout on a bike and also some light weights. I hope to get to Saratoga Springs to try out a simpler bike my friend Caleb thinks would work for me.

If I get there,  and I can get it going, I’ll bring it home. An amazing journey, the bike business.

Later in the day, I hope to bring an Amish Prayer Coloring Book I found online. I got some colored pencils to go with it, but I’m not sure Amish kids used colored pencils or crayons.

I guess we’ll find out. I’m sure they’ll like the prayer book in any case.

My life seems full these days Later, I’ll prepare for the radio show Maria and I are doing together on WBTNAM called “Katz and Wulf on Animals.”

Our first appearance together will be tomorrow, Wednesday, the 21st at 2 p.m., EDT. You can live stream the show from anywhere here. You can also call in (I hope some of you will) with questions about your dogs or other animals: 802 442-1010. You can also e-mail me with your questions: [email protected]

Tomorrow at 2 p.m. 802 442-1010.

I’ll be checking my research tonight. I don’t believe in blowing smoke out of my butt, I want the show to be thoughtful, researched, civil and credible. Check it out. If we get a lot of calls we can’t handle, we’ll expand to two hours.

Photo: Neighbor’s dog Tina.


  1. I am so impressed (in a very favorable way) with your writings about your new Amish friends. I have always admired the Amish, and as a Christian I think they are actually following Biblical Scripture than most of us main line denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalians, etc.

    So many of the negative, ugly and misinformed comments you are getting from readers remind me greatly of the same kind of comments I received when I decided to homeschool my youngest child many years ago. She was about ten years old, and I was told we would have “get her in psychiatric care for her to ever fit in the mainstream again”, on and on with such negative comments. For some reason many thought she would be sitting at home reading very strict religious books and never interacting with others. Today this child is now in early forties, lives across the country from us, has a masters degree in music education, teaches school, piano and organ in Arizona, heads a committee for children participating in classical symphonies in the US, is organist for churches , teaches Spanish, on and on with a wonderful, fulfilling life!! Thanks for befriending this Amish family and for writing so well about this. Mary Ann Cauthen, Moreland, GA

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann, I remember the hostility to homeschoolers, people dread anything new and different. Your daughter was very lucky to have a mother like you. And I’m lucky to have a reader like you. WIth admiration, jon

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