21 April

Another Image Of Robin And Her Remarkable Connection To Bronx Zoo Gorilla

by Jon Katz

My daughter sent me another in this remarkable series of photos of my granddaughter Robin at the Bronx Zoo Sunday.

She and a female gorilla made this remarkable connection.

The gorilla came over to her and put her hand on the glass as if reaching out to touch her.

Robin was not afraid or uneasy in any way, and the two drew an enormous and silent crowd in awe of what they were seeing.

Robin said she believes the gorilla just wanted to be friends.

Me too. These images are so powerful, we will all be thinking about them for some time. Robin was very much affected, I am certain she will remember this friendship all of her life.


  1. This beautiful, touching photo shows our connection to Mother Earth, what it should be. We should all be as smart as Robin and her new friend. What a wonderful world this would be. Thank you for sharing.

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