2 May

Come Hear Our Podcast, From Amish Neighbors To Chicks To Lamb Testicles

by Jon Katz

With 0ur decision to drop our radio show about animals, we are returning to our podcast as a regular (weekly) way of getting our stories. If you have questions for us, you can e-mail me, [email protected], or Maria at fullmoonfiberart.com.

The weekend podcast is and has been the best path for us, and we are both serious about throwing ourselves into it, a lot of people ask us about the podcasts.

So here we are. In this episode, we talk about our new Amish neighbors, our chickens, the gentle removal of Robin’s testicles (he is wether now), the patience required to really train a dog (it isn’t like a Cesar Millan TV show)

Come and listen, and thank you for staying with us:

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