2 May

Thanks Zinnia: My Good Night Gift

by Jon Katz

When I get ready for bed, Zinnia usually goes upstairs and waits for me. Every night, she has a different gift for me. Labs are among the world’s m0st generous gifts, she often shares her bones with Bud and Fate, and those two don’t share anything with anybody.

When I get to the top of the stairs, she likes me to take the present and thank her for it, otherwise, she looks a little crestfallen. This is what these dogs do when they retrieve ducks, I gather.

Each night the gift is different, it might be a bone, a throw toy, or some disgusting thing she picked up outside. I appreciate it, or at lest I pretend do.

Zinnia has a huge heart, and she manages to always life mine.


  1. You are so right about her doing this because she is a retriever. Both my Goldens bring people things. My first Golden did it too. It’s a duck dog thing.

  2. I love this post, and the giving of gifts. And, what a wonderful face she has. We were lucky enough to have had our Golden Finley for ten years, before cancer took him, and he always greeted us with a gift as we came home from work. We have a mixed-up rescue now, and Lexi learned from Fin…no retriever in her (as far as we know), but she loves to bring gifts, too. Dogs are something special. 🙂

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