11 May

Robin Introduces Her New Stuffed Raccoon “Garbage Mice” To Her Remote Learning Class: “He’s From The Bronx!”

by Jon Katz

While Maria, Emma, and Robin were at the Bronx Zoo Sunday, I slipped into the Bronx Zoo store and bought Robin a stuffed raccoon, which I thought was a Panda.

She named the Raccoon “garbage mice.” This morning, in her remote learning class in Brooklyn, the class was invited by the teacher to talk about their weekends and show off their “stuffies,” as the school calls stuffed animals.

Emma kept the raccoon close all afternoon and was clutching it when we said goodbye.

Robin proudly introduced her raccoon “Garbage Mice,” to the class. Emma said the other animals were all named “Fuzzy” and “Booboo.”

“He’s from the Bronx,” she told the class. That’s my granddaughter. She is very NY, like her mother.


  1. Oh I do like “garbage mice” this is right up there with my nephew, who when 5years old also, named a stuffed rabbit “Booboo car wire”!

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