9 June

Inside My Booming Zinnia Garden

by Jon Katz

The weather doesn’t know if it wants to be boiling hot or soaking wet, so it’s decided to do both This is good news for Maria’s gardens,  our new Apple tree, my garden bed, and my new blueberry bushes, all of which are shooting up.

The Zinnia garden is my first garden, although I’ve been involved in all of the others. Despite some stumbles – I learned a lot – I’m doing very well. At night the garden gets soaking rain.

By day, a strong sun. The seeds are really taking shape, we’ll have Zinnia’s all summer in the house. They are Maria’s favorite flower as well as the name of my dog.



  1. I love all your books, just finished “The Second Chance”. Couldn’t believe all that poor dog had been through. I just wish all your books were available in large print (from the library). Hope you keep writing many more books.

  2. To improve your zinnias you can pinch them and they will branch and provide multiple blooms. Check out Floret who has a commercial flower farm in the Skagit Valley in Washington State. She has a video on how to do it

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