15 July

Tina In The Sun: Living The Life

by Jon Katz

Last night, I ordered two more boxes of pie pans for Moise and Barbara, that’s 500 pans.

This morning, I drove up to the farmhouse to drop off the receipt and get paid for it. I brought some flowers from our garden. I lost two more thumb wrestling matches.

The Millers are scrupulous about paying me back instantly for online purchases. When I got there, Barbara and the girls pulled pies out of their outside oven for sale Friday.

I told them I’d bring two bags of ice cubes later this afternoon. I also hope to check in on Day 7 of the Barn raising.

Thanks for the wonderful response to my blog post about re-taking control of the bog from the trolls. I appreciate it.

When I came out of the kitchen, Tina was lolling around in the sun. When she sees me, she rolls over on her back. I did some tummy scratching. I love that dog. She is living the life.

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