12 September

The Mansion Art Show Awards – The Three Big Winners Tonight

by Jon Katz

Today was the third annual Manion Residents Art Show. The residents have been painting and sketching and working on collage for weeks now; tonight, their families were invited to see their artwork on display.

Maria and I were asked to be judges for the second year, and we happily agreed. This week was the toughest yet for judging. The creativity and energy of the residents are beautiful. Tonight, I’m presenting the three winners and some of their art.

Above Peggie, Best in the show.

Clara above won Second Prize for Best in Show. Clara is sweet and shy, and artistic.

Above, Claudia, Third Place Best In Show, plus at least a dozen ribbons.  She also won Second Prize for Best In  Show. Claudia comes to everything and works hard for every show. She is the star of my meditation class and loves art. She’s quite good at it.

Tuesday, we return to the Mansion to judge the art show in the Memory Care Center.

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