14 September

Biddie’s Morning Greeting

by Jon Katz

Every morning, when I go out to the pasture, Biddie comes up to greet me. She’s the only sheep who does this regularly. I’m not sure what she wants.

I say hello and talk about the weather, and when she gets bored, she turns back to the other sheep and walks away. She has an amazing face, all full of character. I love to take her portrait. She was one of the four Romney rescue sheep we got years ago.

(I made sure I was dressed this morning. It was chilly out there.)

I love what it is I see when I walk out into the pasture. There is always a photo yearning to be taken.


  1. Jon- You might really enjoy reading some of Ilona Royce Smithkin’s posts and posts about her. She died recently at 99 and lived life so fully. She was a creative and an inspiration to many many people. I want to be more like her as I continue to grow older.

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