26 September

The Mansion Halloween Festival Gets Scarier By The Day

by Jon Katz

I just ordered $75 worth of Led lights in many scary shapes and colors and sizes for the Mansion Halloween Festival; various ghosts and goblins are already on the way. Our costumes and ghosts are already arriving.

We have painted pumpkins – the residents are wild about the painting. And ghouls and goblins we are hiding until the right moment comes.

The aides are deep into the Halloween spirit; this is the daily menu posting for the dining room. Wait till the rest of the stuff arrives. I’ve had a blast scouring the Internet looking for strange and ghostly things. Wait until they see the paint on-the-glow-in-the-dark pumpkins Maria and Tania and the residents painted.

It is a joy to see the people there so engaged and happy. You can send your Halloween cards, messages, and photos to The Residents, The Mansion, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.


  1. Now that see-through ghost/skeleton on the porch — THAT’S SCARY !! I’d be very grumpy if i ran into that thing in the dark. It’s a brilliant idea, you two.

  2. I didn’t have a Halloween card but I found a nice Autumn best wishes card & wrote a nice message. Sending it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing The Mansion goings on. I’d love to visit them one day.

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