13 October

Recovery Journal: My Computer Photo Editing Class With Andrew

by Jon Katz

This photo was meant to capture one of the last Zinnie bouquets in my garden for this season. I worked in my online computer editing class to brighten the colors in the foreground. I once considered this unethical, I enjoyed doing it.

The weather makes me feel foolish, as it’s getting warmer, not colder, and the garden is still offering up flowers.

I loved the color background but also wanted to bring out some of the colors in the flowers themselves. My teacher Andrew helped me experiment with it today. He comes onto my computer for our lessons, and we move through the program together and take turns trying different things.

I’m taking advantage of my forced time at home to read books I’ve wanted to read and learn more about a photo editing program for Apple computer people called Affinity. It was designed to work with Apple computer owners, but I have found it complicated and confusing.

It has great potential for me, but as a Dyslexic it is especially hard for me to master. Andrew is helping me. He is an excellent teacher. His full name is Andrew Koehler; he works for Mac Nurse in Vermont. The company helps Apple users, and Andrew is a blessing in my life in many ways.

Oddly, I’m writing as much or more as I usually do and dealing with the Mansion residents and the Bishop Maginn residents from home, so I can’t say I’m unable to work.

But not being able to drive or walk much feels like an opportunity to use the time at home to learn, read and grow. Andrew and I will be working together online at least once a week for a few months.

We are learning Affinity together. I’m especially fond of Andrew, a musician (he’s going to New York City this weekend to record an album. We work well together, and he is patient and knowledgeable.

I’ve had trouble learning in formal settings my whole life, Andrew is breaking that sorry tradition.  I am serious about my photography and motivated to learn.

In the next few weeks, you will see some exciting experiments in color and black and white as Andrew, and I work through Affinity. I hope you enjoy them. They are stretching the boundaries of my photograph, colors, and black and white, which is exciting for me.


  1. I am enjoying reading about you and Andrew working on the Affinity program. I just took a look at it, and I’m intrigued…but also have issues in trying to figure out computer software programs on my own. I need an Andrew in CT. 🙂

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