5 November

Koda, The Sweet Septic Dog, Last Of Four

by Jon Katz

I think we are blessed with the nicest septic people in the world. I never expected that, so I look forward to their annual visit to the farm. When Snells first showed up, there were four rescue corgis in the front seat of their huge tank truck.

They’ve been doing this work for years, and are highly respected for the way they do it.

Now, there is only one, Koda, a sweet and calm companion for these prominent men in trucks.

You might think their work is dirty and brutal, but they are friendly, thoughtful, courteous, and fun. They are made about dogs rescuing them incessantly, and like everyone who loves dogs, they lost the other three over these past few years.

The dogs run on blankets and pillows, thrones really.

Like all true dog lovers, they accept death and love dogs too much not to rescue more. I’m curious to see who shows up next year. I never imagined having a septic visit could be so much fun.

I’ve come to love and respect the big men in trucks – the stove cleaners, the people who chop wood, the people who bring gravel, the men who spread lyme,  the people who get hay and brush hog the pasture. These are people who have callings, not jobs. And the bigger and stronger the men, the more they love their dogs.

The Snells are very conscientious about their septic work. In an emergency, they come running.

Up here, we call people like that “good people,” as in “they are good people.” That’s the password and tip-off that they are trustworthy and decent.

When we hear the first gurgles in the pies, we put in a call. Soon after, they just appear, drain the tank, leave a bill if we are not home. If we are,  we talk dogs for half an hour, and they roar off with Koda, wishing us happy holidays.

I think Koda is nearing her time also, but I hope we get to see her for another year or two.

How lucky we are to live here and know such good people.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful write-up. We did lose Wyatt this year but you can always find Otto in the International riding with his daddy, Ryan. And thanks for being such an excellent customer & friend.

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