19 November

The Most Help Ever For Refugees: Thanks To The Good People Out There, The Real Americans

by Jon Katz

I got this message tonight from Sue Silverstein, a teacher at Bishop Maginn High School who has coordinated the support for the Afghan Refugees in Albany, and the refugee families that have been a part of the Bishop Maginn Community for some time.

She gave me permission to reprint it here. We have been working together on the Thanksgiving Baskets now being distributed for families who wish to have their own Thanksgiving Dinner.

I ended up getting a lot more food from local people the last few days and have made nearly 60 bags! Refugees, alumni, current families, a couple of grandparents caring for children have all been cared for this Thanksgiving so thank you!. It’s the largest amount of help I’ve ever been able to provide for Thanksgiving.”

I’d like to add my own thanks to the big-hearted people we call the Army Of Good. To me, they are the heart and soul of the true America. They are also faithful heirs to the message of Jesus Christ, no mater what their religious beliefs are.

I am not a Christian, but I hear the call to care for the needy and vulnerable,  it lifts my heart to know I am far from alone. We are not only helpling and feeding these needy we  people, are helping them to see the genuine America, whose heart and soul beat proudly amidst the storm.

Thank you.

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