23 November

New: Soft And Gentle Moments From Here. When The Soul Is Bent

by Jon Katz

In a light, ashamed and humiliated, in a time, sacrificed for the sake of trade, The soul is bent, feels the weight of truth Falling through,

Left behind, no choice but to run to the mountains, where no poppies grow,  you have to hit the ground running.” — Alison Kraus, “Quattro (World Drifts In), the album Raise The Roof.

On my quiet little farm, the anger and rancor of the outside world intrudes, I sometimes feel myself drawing in closer and closer within myself to avoid the anger and the rage.

There is no escaping without earphones and masks.

My week was brightend by a new album on Apple music by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, it’s called Raise The Roof, but it is, in fact, a defiantly gentle and beautiful album about love and loneliness.

She’s one of my favorite musical artists, so full of warmth and love.

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant and their album gave me a an idea.

Maria and I were talking about making this week a soft and gentle week, about slowing down and experiencing quiet and gentleness as the country draws closer to a holiday that is supposed to be warm and connecting, but somehow isn’t.

We are spending Thanksgiving together on the farm with the animals, reading and talking and consciously looking for soft and  gentle moments.

We hope to live one day in a softer and gentler country.

Thursday morning, we’re going to the Mansion with Zinnia to meditate, read and visit.

The rest of the day will be quiet and still and restful.

I might start a new series here about soft and gentle moments, they are part of almost any farm. And we want them to be a part of our lives as the unhappiness and arguments rage and rage

We went into the living room, turned the lights off and sat together listening to the album. What a sweet hour this was.

Fate curled up in front of the fish tank, her favorite resting place, and Maria and I sat on the couch and big chair, holding hands or touching feet.

We both love music, but we have never thought to sit in the darkness and listen together.  This was the first time, but not the last. We loved doing it.

I’m getting myself a pair of Beats headphones for Christmas, a lot more music is coming into my head.

I’m devoting this week to sweet and soft moments and will share them to you when they come. I’m hoping you all have a meaningful holiday, and that it is peaceful and comforting.



  1. Jon: am so thankful I found you, Maria and all the delightful characters of Bedlam Farm. So enjoy your writing, musings and ‘reporting’ on life, the Army of Good, Bishop McGinn and The Mansion. Such a gift to so many of us!

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