24 November

Shadows On The Wood Shed Wall. Sweet And Soft Moments. Great News From The Primary Care Nurse

by Jon Katz

I went to the woodshed to get some firewood this morning, I was startled to see the wind blowing the dying leaves on our lilac bush. It was a beautiful and moving portrait of fall, the morning was cold and biting.

I stood still for a few minutes, mesmerized by the slow and steady movement of the leaves. It was one of those soft but gentle moments I’ve been writing about, and I had the Leica strapped over my chest.

I had no winter jacket or sweater on, but I didn’t feel the cold.

Later, I went to see my primary care nurse, Amy Eldgridge. I am very lucky to have a primary care physician as helpful and sharp as Amy is.

We went over my blood test and she said I’m doing beautifully – heart, blood pressure, A1C.

She wants me to see a phytical therapist to help me get my legs back into shape I couldn’t walk or exercise for months and she says it’s natural my legs would be stiff and sore.

So I’m adding a new health care element to my agenda, but I feel good about it. I know my legs are stiff and sore.

I’m moving on a lot of fronts, but all of them are going well. My sleep apnea mask has been a wonderful gift, I’m sleeing six or seven hours a night.

My foot is find and completely healed. My diabetes is well under control. My heartbreat is strong and clear.I’ve lost ten pounds. I feel sharp and strong.

I am determined to take care of myself, at long last.

She said she was delighted. “Just keep on doing what you are doing.”

I’ll see the physical therapist in two weeks. I’ll check in in the morning, but I wanted to wish all of you – a family for me in many ways – a happy holiday and a peaceful and restful one.

I’ll skip Black Friday thank you, perhaps head to a movie instead. Much love and gratitude.

So I will. And I love these gentle moments, it is a lovely habit to get into.


  1. I’ve. Enjoyed your posts for many years and glad to hear all the good and wonderful changes in your life.
    Have a grateful and peaceful day tomorrow.

  2. Glad you are doing so well, Jon. I hope you and Maria have a lovely, and peaceful Thanksgiving. And love to all your dogs, donkeys and sheep, and cats and chickens. Your Peaceful Kingdom.

  3. Jon
    Reading stories and seeing pictures from your Peaceable Kingdom is my virtual refuge. I’m so thankful for you and Maria in our world.

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