13 January

See You In The Morning. In An Hour, I’ll Have 40 Wires Coming Out Of My Head

by Jon Katz

I’ll be home early Friday morning In an hour, I’ll have 40 wires coming out of my head at the Saratoga Hospital Sleep Lab, where I’ll be an invited guest for the night. I have my music and a book and a change of clothes. Maria and I will text like teenagers, we don’t like to be separated.

But it’s for a good cause. The lab is looking for data that will help the doctors pick the right settings and machinery for my sleep apnea mask. This will help me sleep and could save my life, a side benefit. Maria is driving me and picking me up pretty early in the morning.

It’s an interesting place to be, and I’ll write about the experience tomorrow, of course. Have a great night, I will try and do the same thing.

Photo: The Wake-Up Squad at Bedlam Farm. Maria sics them on me if I try and stay in bed. They love this task.


    1. Really, how odd. “Poor” Bud is as happy as any dog I’ve ever known plays all day chews on his phone, snoozes by the fire I don’t know what you are seeing, but there is nothing poor about Bud, he’s the Little King.

  1. I love these pictures. You have mentioned many times how close Bud and Zinnia are and that Fate is close to Maria. I know they get along but is Fate closer with one of the other two dogs than the other?

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