13 January

Thanks To Kathy And Rosemary. My First Appreciation Card

by Jon Katz

Today I sent off the first appreciation card that I made myself.. Most of the cards are being done by the artist Emily Gold (check out her blog and her much loved online collage classes), and some are being done by Maria. The one above is my first but not my last. Our goal is to send everyone a card who donates to the Army of Good, as long as they last.

I sent this one to Kathy Kelly, who lives in Massachusetts,  and a thank-you e-mail to  Rosemary, address unknown. Kathy sends a donation for the Army Of Good every month. I’ve never met Kathy, and perhaps I never will. She isn’t rich, she sends what she can, every single month, going back as long as I can recall. Thanks, Kathy, this card is a small thank you for such a great big heart. I appreciate you and am honored to send you my first appreciation card. You inspire me.

Also, thanks to Rosemary, address unknown, who was moved to send me this message via e-mail. For years, I often put up the nastiest comments and wasted many hours being nasty in return. This is a lesson I have been slow to learn – you get back what you put out. But I think I’ve got it now.

I’ve mostly dropped nastiness on both ends and put up the nice ones. Nice people never get fair or equal play on social media. That will change here. Thank you, Rosemary, for this lovely letter.


“Dear Jon, thank you for your blog and for all that you and Maria do to make this a more beautiful world.
Reading your daily email/blog is one of my most cherished rituals. To accompany you on your journey is a great honor, and I learn so much from you. The bottom line is that in today’s world of power-seeking selfishness it is very heartening to know that there are good people too, like you, Maria, the teacher at the high school, and all the others that you reference in your writings.
Since I am retired and on a fixed income with many medical bills, I am not able to regularly contribute to your blog but at times have been able to do so as well as help out with the Mansion and the high school wish lists.
Thank you for putting out such positive and healing energy into the world. Maria’s creations are so beautiful, like her soul and spirit. God Bless both of you and I hope that Pumpkin does recover!

Thanks, Rosemary, I am very glad there are people like you in this world. Donations in may amount are welcome. So are good wishes and affirmations like the one Rosemary sent me. Gives me strength and confidence about what we are doing. All of it helps. A lot.




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