13 January

Update: Pumpkin. No More Foam In The Mouth

by Jon Katz

The good news is that Pumpkin has stopped foaming at the mouth completely. A very positive sign.

He doesn’t seem to be eating sold food yet, which is not a good sign, but she gulps a lot of water. He still appears uneasy and uncomfortable to me. Maria is pumping a lot of Pepto Bismol and molasses and sugar water down his throat. He shows no interest in getting back together with the other sheep and doesn’t respond to their calls.

This afternoon, we’re going to Tractor Supply to get what is called a “drench gun,” a large plastic syringe with a long curved nozzle that gets the medicine where it belongs and not splattered everywhere. Early this morning, we went to our local hardware store to get some bedding. The barn is sunless and cold, and the bedding is softer than old hay or straw.

This will also make it easier to know exactly what she is eating and how much.

We also gave him some Molasses to stimulate his appetite. We can’t find glycerin anywhere.

Maria, who is doing a great job caring for Pumpkin, says he is getting better by the day. And she knows Pumpkin better than anyone. I’m a little less optimistic but will be delighted to be proven wrong. Maria moves about the barn like a farmer who’s been doing this her whole life. Pumpkin is lucky; two days ago, he was a very sick sheep.


  1. Amazon carries vegetable glycerin if you can’t find it locally. TSC can order it too, but I don’t know how fast they are.

  2. You can try a pharmacy, if you haven’t already. That is where I used to get it from (may have to be ordered) A craft store may also carry it. I used it in the past for preserving flowers

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