4 February

We’re On A Roll. This Lentil Soup Was The Best Yet

by Jon Katz

We’re on a roll finding new and healthy and surprisingly (for me) delicious things to eat, thanks to the pokes by the Mayo Clinic Diet program.

The program, which costs $99 for three months membership, has transformed my relationship with food and is teaching me how much fun it can be to buy healthy food, cook it and eat it in every meal.

Maria put this lentil soup together, using a half dozen different vegetables, onions, spices like Cumin and Coriander. I did the mixing, stirring, and blending.

The pea soup we made early in the week was also a hit, as was my Apple Spice smoothie with milk (low-fat), nonfat Greek yogurt, half an apple, half a banana. half a cup of rolled oats, a teaspoon of almond butter, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Each week, I get a new grocery list and some fresh ideas. Some we try, some we don’t, some we change to meet our tastes and pleasure.

The lentil soup, which I’ve only had once before in my life, was a big hit with both of us. Soup is especially good on this very cold winter evenings.


  1. When you finish the 3 weeks’ Mayo diet which is for weight loss, have you considered changing to the Mediterranean diet which comes in 1st for health, whereas the Mayo Diet is 6th, in the 10 best healthy diets? I and my husband basically eat the latter and have done So for years without realizing it. Now we stick to it more strictly.
    Here I am, but NOT trying to tell you what to do, but telling you what we do!

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