28 March

Wonderful News: A Donor Is Giving $45,000 For BMHS Refugee Tuition At The New School

by Jon Katz

We woke up to cold and snow and some excellent news.

A most beautiful start to the week. A regular donor to the Army Of Good, she wishes to remain anonymous, is giving $45,000 for tuition for the Bishop Maginn High School refugee students who want to move to the new school and can’t afford the education.

The Diocese of Albany has also raised money for tuition for some refugee students who wish to transfer to the new school in the fall, but there are still some who may not be able to pay the new tuition.

More than 40 percent of Bishop Maginn students have not been able to pay their tuition at all, which is one reason the school had to close.

Principal Mike Tolan, Sue Silverstein, me and Zinnia, and Maria are all making the transition to Catholic High School in Latham in September.

We have all been worried about getting all the kids there who want to go. Our Army of Good donor has taken a huge step towards making that happen.

I’m meeting at Bishop Maginn with Mike, Sue, and the new principal, Chris Signor later this week to work out the details. This is such welcome news, we were all so worried about some of these students.

Another great act from the Army Of Good, you are changing lives. This donor does not wish to be identified. She has paid the tuition of a dozen  Bishop Maginn students already, her generosity is boundless.

I see these beautiful children often; they are heroic in their courage, compassion, and dedication to hard work and creativity. I am overjoyed; I spent some time with this donor on the phone this morning, and the school officials are beyond words in their gratitude.

I’m heading out to the florist to figure out what flowers we can afford to buy for the Mansion dining room tables. This is already a glorious day, and it just got started.

(Tonight, I will write about the Oscar smack-up between Will Smith and Chris Rock and the complexity of morality. I can’t resist. And yes, I was right about CODA (whew!)


  1. You and Maria have no idea what wonders you are creating with your blog and with the start-up of the Army of Good. This giving will be your legacies to the world, Jon. Bless all who contribute (wish I could do more) to make this a better world for others and thank to you for making them possible.

  2. I want to sent enormous thanks to this anonymous donor. I am sure he/she is a regular reader of your blog, so thank you again, dear generous person.

  3. This is wonderful news! In some ways I am jealous of the ability to give to others, not so much for having the money to enrich my life, but to be able to see a real need and make a difference. Blessings to the donor who has so generously blessed others.

  4. what a generous and meaningful gift for this very kind donor to give. Their kindness and love will *pay it forward* many times over and affect many blossoming young lives in such a positive way. Blessings to you, you are a wonderful person! Reading of your generosity moved me to tears.
    Susan M

  5. teenagers are a precious community…your kindness, dear anonymous, will go far in making the next generation more educated, grateful and inspired to do the same in their adult years…not to mention being SAFE in these vulnerable growing years. THANK YOU…for your heartfelt and wise gift of education.

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