1 April

Tomorrow, We Plant!

by Jon Katz

Tomorrow we plant! Not the pansies; they go into pans on the porch. The temperature is supposed to be in the 50’s Saturday, the sun bright and warm.

We are heading to the movies in the evening to see “Cyrano” (it sounds like a fun movie, if not a great one, but I’ll keep an open mind and review it if there is anything to say.)

In the morning and early afternoon, we’ll do the first spring season planting (a month or so too early for flower seeds or bulbs).

I’m going to be taking off the bricks and cardboard from my raised garden beds and planting some onions; they are suitable for garden beds like this because their roots run deep and loosen up the soil for the flowers.

Onions can be planted early. I’m getting some; Maria is planting the others for her vegetable garden. I’m not putting the pansies in my bed, they don’t live that long, and we have places for them on the back porch.

We are happy to see them, though, for a taste of things.

I have a lot of seeds to wade through before making my garden bed selections. I plan on handing out flowers to everybody I know, from bank tellers to friends we see to neighbors. I’ll bring some up to the Amish; Barbara loves flowers.

The Mansion dining room table flower program is taking shape. They love seeing flowers and smelling them while they eat.

This summer, I’ll bring some of my own and get some from Heidi At Country Power.

It will be nice to liberate the raised beds, one of the new and eager for some seeds. I expect we’re not quite done with snow, but it’s time to get started. It was definitely a winter day today, thus the Leica monochrome.

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