22 April

Fate Knows How To Rest

by Jon Katz

Fate is the most unusual dog I’ve had to privilege to live with. She works hard, runs hard, and sleeps with great abandon. I used to look over at Fate sleeping and fear she had died.

But Fate carries almost everything she does to extreme, she is a lot of fun, and watching her sleep is as amazing as watching her run.


  1. I love this picture of Fate. Dogs really understand how to totally relax and sleep! I love the fact that they like to sleep with their heads hanging down. I like to imagine that it’s so their brains will get nourished.

  2. Lord, but I hate to give possible advice! It might be time to test your refrigerator temperatures. The
    bottom shelf should hover just-above/below freezing and the cooked salmon should be perfectly safe here for 2-3 days. (Unless you left it out on the kitchen counter previously)

    1. Erika, it wasn’t salmon and it was cooked fresh from the market and very well. Resist advice, your instincts are good.

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