12 May

Great News – Zinnia, The Bishop Maginn Therapy Dog: The Prom Queen Returns To Lead A Parade

by Jon Katz

I am happy to announce that Zinnia, the 2021 Bishop Maginn High School Prom Queen, has been invited to the 2020 Prom.

This year, to mark the last prom at the school, which is closing after the prom, the school has invited all of the former Prom Kings And Queens to walk the red carpet the Prom Committed has purchased for this year’s prom.

Zinnia has been invited to lead the parade.

She will be delighted, especially as she will be surrounded by loving students and lots of good food, much of which will be smuggled to her by her many fans and friends there.

Zinnia’s Prom Queen appearance made the national news last year, ¬†she’ll be happy to be the object of much attention again. I admit I am quite proud of her.

Zinnia and I group of Bishop Maginn students trained Zinnia in her therapy work, I thought it would be special for the people who helped to a trainer to also be the people she saw as a therapy dog. It worked beautifully. She dried a lot of tears and calmed a lot of nervous souls, and smiles followed her everywhere she went.

She was better than a teddy bear, one of the students told me.

This is a no-brainer for her. Lots of attention, and good food around, which her many fans will try to smuggle to her throughout the evening.

She has been a wonderful therapy dog for Bishop Maginn and will follow her charges to the next school in September.


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