3 June

Looks Like Covid

by Jon Katz

I suppose it was inevitable, every person I know has gotten Covid., and this morning, it felt like a garbage truck had run over me.

All of the symptoms matched, and I’m getting tested shortly. I guess I’ll be offline for a day or so. This round of Covid is not nearly as lethal as the first, it just doesn’t feel very good.

Be well, I’ll be back shortly.


  1. So sorry to hear this. Apparently this is happening all across the US and also the flu. I rarely get sick but two weeks ago came down with something and felt awful. After a few days I went to an Urgent Care where they did a three way test for covid and flu. Turns out I tested positive for type A flu even though I had the flu shot and also all covid vaccines and booster. The doctor said this is happening to people who have been vaccinated but supposedly it’s not as bad as if a person was not vaccinated. It wasn’t a fun time and took a alot out of me but better now, just the lingering cough.

  2. SO sorry to hear, Jon. You take every precaution and take such good care of yourself…..but sometimes we just get unlucky. I know you will take care of yourself with Maria’s help…..and hope you feel better soon. It’s never pleasant to be ill…….. my best wishes for a quick recovery
    Susan M

  3. Oh feel better soon. I hope you don’t both get it. This strain isn’t as intense but it still feels bad.

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I can’t start my day without reading your blog!!😃 Wishing you the best.

  5. My husband and I both got covid last weekend. After all this time of being so careful. But like you said, I believe we will all get it at some point, but thankfully protected as much as we can.
    I think rest is the best. Hope it clears quickly for you. Thinking of you xo

  6. I’m sure none of your readers expected you to get the virus. You’ve been so careful. A lesson for all of us.
    Take care and best wishes to you AND Maria fighting this dreadful illness.

  7. My best wishes for your rapid recovery, Jon. I’m so glad you got all your shots. Hopefully they will make a big difference.

  8. Dear, dear Jon, I know I speak for most of your readers when I say, “Please get well soon–we need you to start the day!” We will be sending good thoughts, praying, and meditating for your return. Peace. Comfort. Dogs.

  9. Wishing you a rapid recovery.
    We are still at risk, but I know you do your very best to be cautious. Hopefully Maria will dodge it.

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