10 June

Our Wounded Apple Tree, And Yes, It Could Have Been A Lot Worse. We Got A Monster Donation For Bishop Maginn Tuition

by Jon Katz

It sounds a little repetitive this week, but yes, the Apple Tree limb collapse could have been a lot worse. The sheep and donkeys are very happy; the tree expert says the Apple Tree will grow stronger and live longer, and the vast limb, blown off in the heavy wind, didn’t scratch our pasture fence.

Mike Conklin will return to the farm this week, clean it up, chop us up some firewood and tidy up the tree. Still, I’ve had enough excitement this week and hope for a very uneventful weekend. However, tonight I decided to go to the Bishop Maginn Prom tomorrow, the last day of the school’s existence, my last chance to see some of the kids.

Sue Silverstein and every one of the refugee students is going (along with Zinnia, me, and Maria) to Bishop Gibbon  High School in Schenectady, a 90 percent minority and refugee school in an urban center. Perfect for Sue, me, Zinnia, and the Army Of Good.

This week I get to meet the principal, who is eager for us to transfer our acts of kindness to his school, which could use some support. The school has a vast music and sports program, among other things.

One Army Of Good angel is pledging a $45,000 donation so that every one of the refugee kids who wants to go to the school will have their tuition paid for. This is a miraculous and generous gift.


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