5 August

I Woke Up Dreaming A Beautiful Woman Was Dancing A Beautiful Dance. It Was True.

by Jon Katz

I had the most wonderful dream around sunrise this morning. I dreamt that a beautiful woman was dancing to Belly Dancing music at the foot of my bed. I looked for Maria and then realized it was her practicing for a Belly Dancing concert her group will perform at the Bennington, Vt., a museum in a couple of weeks.

It was not a dream but a beautiful vision come true, right down to the beautiful reflection from the window on her back. Maria was rehearing in front of the morning light, the music playing on her Iphone. What a lovely way to wake up, and what a beautiful thing to wake up to.

Every time I wake up and see her lying next to me, I remind myself how lucky I am. This was a pretty great way to wake up.

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