5 August

Shelter From The Storm: When Neighbors Matter To The Amish, And To Us

by Jon Katz

A torrential storm broke out around 6 p.m., with lightning, thunder, heavy rains, and wind. I was working in my study; we heard the dogs barking in the way they bark when an Amish horse and carriage come into the yard.

It was Barbara and Delilah, our Amish neighbors; they were soaked on the way to visit relatives in their cart, the lightning was crashing all over them. Barbara wisely decided to seek shelter, and we were happy that she did.

They tied their horse up to the pasture fence; she was calm and easy throughout under the shelter of the apple tree.

We had an excellent talk, catching up, discussing the weather, trading recipes.

I ran out and cut them some flowers for a bouquet to take home. The rain was heavy but began to come dowThe lightning caused Barbara to seek shelter, not the rain. Neighbors are essential to the Amish for practical and sincere reasons.

They were all bundled up in the heat in bonnets and heavy dresses. This brought us back to what the old days must have been like when the farmhouse was built.

They were expected for dinner but wouldn’t show up. Their family would understand, Barbara said. I offered to drive over and explain, but she said it wasn’t necessary.

There was no way to call their relatives, or Moise back home, no easy way to get help or let anybody know if there was trouble.

I didn’t want to think what might have happened driving that horse and cart down a busy highway with trucks and speeding cards in no visibility and lightning all over the place.

We were happy to be neighbors and glad they felt easy enough to stop here. We told them they are always welcome, storms or not.


  1. It is moving, and deeply important to know that your neighbors can find solace and comfort at your home, as I know you could find in theirs, in times of trouble……..or just in normal times. I am glad the bond is there. i trust they are too. True friendship
    Susan M

  2. Hi Jon,
    Just wondering about Maria. I regularly receive her “blogs” but there has been absolutely nothing for quite some time now. I would like to continue receiving her blogs. Is there any way this can be rectified?

    1. Sandra, Maria is posting every day, http://www.bedlamfarm.com there was a problem with subscriptions but that is being fixed.In th meantime, just bookmark the URL fullmoonfiberart.com, you can get to it anytime, day or night..

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