12 August

Photo Journal, Friday August 12, 2022: Morning Dew, Farm Chores, Nasty Headache, Sore Back, Gorgeous Day

by Jon Katz

I got a good workout today, doing many farm chores Maria can’t do right now. I’m learning that I couldn’t last very long on Bedlam Farm without her; I remember being on the first Bedlam Farm for six years by myself.

I did have a helper who would never speak to me again because I sent Elvis the steer to market when his legs went bad.

Pulling the garbage cans all the way back from the road was the single most challenging feat. I usually cede that one to her. This weekend Maria needs a lot of rest.  My heart goes out to men and women who have stubborn partners.


I spotted the dew on the flowers from inside of the house, and I grabbed my Leica 2 and ran outside.


Then I got back to channeling the great Georgia O’Keeffe.


When the nasturtiums first come up, their color’s depth is hypnotizing, especially when the sun is shining straight at them in the afternoon.


Biddie loves to stick her head through the fence and eat flowers droop. She is proud of herself; I think these are wildflowers.


  1. Jon….
    Wishing the best for both of you.

    Hang tough, fall is on the way! School has already started here.

    Agree about garbage cans. Although our distances are much shorter than yours, it’s my least fun job. But thankfully, wife Barbara has adopted it.

    I’m being fitted for a hearing aid. That’s the next thing to look forward to. For years, I worked in an aircraft factory before they thought about ear protection. Now, I’m paying the price.

  2. AHAHA!!!! FINALLY, I now know what happened to Elvis the steer. mmm. Those were some good times with that guy!

    1. Thanks, Shelly; I’m sorry you didn’t know; I wrote about it quite a bit. The animal rights zealots were unhappy with my decision, but swiss steers are enormous, and their legs start to go and cause them great pain even when they are young. They don’t have long lives, they are bred almost entirely for the meat. Elvis was suffering.

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