16 September

See What You Did With Your Metal Donations. At Bishop Gibbons, Wind Chimes Are Breaking Out All Over The Place

by Jon Katz

I’m pleased to report that the wind chimes metal project launched by the Army Of Good has already inspired a score of wind chimes in Sue Silverstein’s extraordinary eight-station art class at Bishop Gibbons High School.

This is where Sue Silverstein and her refugee students have all moved.

Sue asked for help in getting metal objects – keys, silver, parts of toys – to start her wind chime project.

Sue wants to use them for the students to chime for their families and homes and also give some to people who can’t afford them. The project is an instant success, and Sue wanted me to thank the people who sent so much excellent material.

I’m posting five of the first wind chimes. A lot more are in the works. They came from at least a dozen different states. The Army Of Good has a long reach.

Please send more: Sue Silverstein/ Bishop Gibbons High School, 2600 Albany Street, Schenectady, N.Y., 12304.



The boxes filled with metal objects are still coming to the school, and the range of items inside is amazing. The students are excited and eager to give them to their families and hang them outside their homes.

Sue’s eight-station art class is taking off, and other teachers and classes are asking to use it.

Sue and I wanted you very good people to see what you have wrought.



I would typically post photos of the students who made them and their names, but I can’t until next week.

The images are on hold until I process the necessary permission and safety work to enter a school, work with students, or take photos. Maria and I need to look at some safety videos and fill out the permission slips.

We are doing that now.

These kids deserve credit for their beautiful work, so I apologize for not showing them with their creations. I’m eager to write about the exciting new art program Sue is pulling together. It’s much more than painting and drawing. And I want to check in with my writing student Killian, who’s working hard on his horror short story.


We expect to be back at Bishop Gibbons Thursday will all the paperwork required. This is good for everyone, including us, as it was at Bishop Maginn.


These are great, and thanks for making it possible. Sue says she can use more metal works if anyone has any lying around the house. The school’s address Is Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons, 2600 Albany Street, Schenectady, N.Y., 12304. And thanks again, I’m happy to show these to you.

Sue doesn’t waste much time; she puts all the resources she gets right to work. And the students are very excited.

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