22 September

Bringing A Fall Look To The Mansion In Three Steps. Part One Was Today.

by Jon Katz

For several years, Maria and I have been asked to create a fall display on the Mansion, using the porch and the front lawn near the road.

We do it in three steps. First, we get some colorful and different-looking pumpkins – around her, pumpkins go fast, so we start early.

We get eight to a dozen pumpkins of different colors and sizes. I drove around the area looking for the most exciting and original paints.

I did that today. Maria helped me place them around the front door (we moved them away from the door for safety reasons.)

The second step is to get three or four hay bales and put them in front of the Mansion on the lawn. That will be in a week or so.

The third step is to get some more small and miniature orange pumpkins and move all the pumpkins out front to be arranged (artistically, of course) around the bales of straw, which we carefully agree.

Maria, ever the artist, designs our display, which is always beautiful and colorful. I’m looking for a straw scare hat to put on one of the bales.

Our display can be seen easily from the road, and just as easily from the Mansion, and around the road, they take many of their walks. Three wooden chairs have been brought outside to the residents can sit right next to the straw and pumpkins.

I’ve also sent five packages of LED lights – purple and orange – this week to be used to decorate the Mansion porch and interior for Halloween. They’ll be visible outside and around the porch and Great Room.

Tania Woodward, who loves the dark and mysterious, plans a beautiful (and spooky, but not too spooky) Halloween celebration. We’ll help to provide the supplies she needs. We might need a ghostly Wish List.


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