22 September

The Welcoming Committee: Brightening A Rainy, Dark And Gloomy Day

by Jon Katz

The only way to describe today is gloomy. It’s pitch dark and raining steadily.

We are grateful for the rain, and so are the farmers; I know many people in the country would love to have it; our grass is still green and growing, and the sheep and donkeys are happy.

We got a lot this week. There are starting to be flood warnings.

My welcoming committee was waiting for me outside the shower as usual, and I couldn’t help but smile. They were in their usual formation, waiting for me.

Zinnia and Fate are grateful for a treat; they never demand one. On the other hand, Bud leads the way, barks, and insists on it. That’s the difference between a Boston Terrier and most other breeds.

Bud sees it as his right; the others see it as a pleasant surprise. I get to smile first thing every morning at the appearance of these three beautiful creatures. They turn a gloomy day bright.


  1. No wonder they brighten your day and make you smile – they certainly make me smile from afar. I love these 3 cuties!

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