16 November

Bishop Gibbons Parents Open House Wednesday Night: “See All The Good Things That Came Today. I Couldn’t Do This Without You.”

by Jon Katz

Tonight is parent’s open house night at Bishop Gibbons High School, and part of the exhibits for them to see are the donations that arrived today and some of the art that has already been made. This includes paintings and sketches, jewelry and Dream Catchers, paint and brushes and canvases and desktop easels, art books and old metal objects, dresses and skirts, foil drawings, toy figures and pillows, wind chimes, and too many other things to list.

Sue Silverstein and the students appreciate the art supplies, stuffing, patterns, and old jewelry that flow into the school almost daily. On the table were today’s gifts and some of the art already made by them.

“Thank you,” said Sue Silverstein, “we couldn’t do any of this without you.”

Sue is re-imaging art education, and the students at Bishop Gibbons are responding. Creativity is sizzling in the art room.

Right now, she’s seeking white stuffing, burlap, and Christmas fabric. If you have any to send, the address is Sue Silverstein, Bishop Gibbons High School,  2600 Albany Street, Schenectady, N.Y., 12304. I thank you, and the children of Bishop Gibbons thank you. Sue is a miracle worker.

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