28 November

Photo Journal, Monday, November 28, 2022. A Beautiful Walk-A-Bout On My Wonderful Farm On A Beautiful Day

by Jon Katz

The weather went up and down today. I was busy all morning and tired after lunch; my cold faded, but it still had some bite. I read today that 90 percent of all the Covid deaths in America were people over 65. Whew. I have a lot to be grateful for.


Maria went for a walk in our woods with Zinnia and Fate, I can’t go now because of my surgical boot. The dogs were happy to see me. They love the woods.


Robin rushed over and ate some of their hay when the donkeys weren’t looking. Then Lulu came and chased him away.


The sun came in and out, but I liked how the late afternoon sun silhouetted the animals at the feeders. Lesson for one for me: always know where the sun is.

The farm has 17 acres; we have our own forest, small as it is. Maria knows every tree and bush.

Maria is methodical with the hay. First, she drops it in the donkey’s feeders, then she shakes it up and spreads it around. The animals love the seeds that fall out of the hay. They eat those first; they always fall to the bottom of the feeder.

The donkeys are always conspiring with one another. Or so it seems.

Bud is a sun worshipper. He always finds it.


  1. I love everything about Bud. He’s just so entertaining. I love how you rescued him & gave him such a wonderful life.
    Everyday I hope there’s a Bud story & photo in your blog. I love all 3 dogs, the cats, hens, donkeys & sheep but Bud is the little king. He’s really special to me.
    The fact that I have a weenie dog & a Chihuahua mix makes me partial to small dogs I guess.

  2. I’m reading “World War C” by Sanjay Gupta, MD. It’s given me a much clearer understanding of Covid and the vaccines. I feel much better about keeping up with my shots. Since the million mark about 150,000 more people have died. We all seem to forget that even the young have had to have lung transplants and have died. We reacted too late and tried to open too earlier. Thousands of lives could have been saved. I call this an evil virus. People have no symptoms but still have the disease and spread it. And it’s so different for everyone. You can’t blame diabetes or obesity or heart disease when someone has one of these underlying conditions and gets Covid and dies. Covid killed them not their underlying conditions. It might have weakened them but it was Covid that took their lives and it’s still out there.

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