29 November

Just Because I Can…Announcing The Winter Color And Light Project

by Jon Katz

I spend all summer taking colorful photos of the flowers in my flower bed. Now it’s November and the days are short, grey, and gloomy.

I only posted a tiny fraction of the pictures I took, and there is no reason for this color and light to be stored away and forgotten. We needed it then, and we need it even more now.

Zinnia and I are about to head to the Mansion this morning for my meditation class, but I dug out this early photograph of my beautiful Nasturtiums before we go.

I’m going to post a flower picture several times a week, all through the winter. No reason to hide the color and light.

This is the first day of what I call my Winter Color And Light Project.

I think these particular flowers were meant to light us up and lift our spirits.

You are invited to come along. My photos are free; you can use them any way you want. Some people paint them, print them out, and use them as screen savers.

None of my photos are bookmarked or copyrighted; they are gifts to my readers, many of whom have put up with me for years.


  1. Thank you so much for posting lovely flower photos. I especially need this right now, since I have covid, despite all my extreme care and all 5 vaccines, since the start of the pandemic. Started before Thanksgiving, ended up in the hospital for 3 days that Friday, have had 2 blood transfusions and when I got home, realized I had an eye problem, had to make a flying trip an hour to our south to an MD eye doctor, who said it was not the detached retina I feared, but rather I’d had a stroke in the blood vessel of that eye, and it cannot be fixed. Since I love to read, this is hard, but that was yesterday and I’m already coping better. I remind myself my dad’s been blind in one eye since he was 2 years old, and I can still see out of half of that eye’s vision, as well as the other eye, so I will just have to cope. I know how lucky I am in many ways, but this is just a hard stretch of challenges I have to get thru.
    Thanks again for beautiful flower photos.

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