15 December

Night Out In A Small Town: Hip-Hop And A Harp

by Jon Katz

Our small town has a famous brewery; they schedule music several days every week. The Argyle Brewery is a beautiful place to sit and listen to surprising and different kinds of music.

Last night we were intrigued; we went to see something I’d never seen before a musical act that blended Hip-Hop with a harp.

Hip-Hop and a harp? We had to go see for ourselves.

Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise met in a Whole Foods restaurant. She had seen him perform Hip-Hop on stage and offered to join him with the harp.

He was surprised, but he agreed, and the result was terrific.

It works. The two are touring all over the place, from Alaska to Cambridge to Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. Kuf is a gifted songwriter, and so is Christine.

The music meshed perfectly. It was hypnotic and wonderful. We invited a friend to join us, and all three of us raved about the music.

It was cold and icy outside, warm and fun inside. Our little town desperately needs local music. The brewery took over the old restored railroad station, it’s the perfect venue.

The music was great, and so was the setting, especially since we were about to be buried in a mound of snow and ice starting this afternoon. I don’t think we’re going anyplace on Saturday, it was great to get out.


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