15 December

Sit And Stay. We’re Almost In Sync. The Rough Edges Of Dog Training

by Jon Katz

The real problem with Cesar is that the people watching his dog training show think they can do what he does with his small army of producers and assistants. Most of us have to do it alone.

Training is an imperfect art. Only the most willful and diligent accomplish everything they want to achieve.

It took me three years to get Bud to trust me enough to stay. I’m working on “lie down.”

I taught Zinnia to sit and stay almost from the first day. But now, when I tell Bud to sit, Zinnia lies down. I can’t account for this, except it’s wise to train dogs alone; they are easily confused no matter how brilliant we think they are.

Training several dogs at once is almost guaranteed to fail. But sometimes, we can use it to introduce newcomers to respond correctly by watching the existing dogs go through their motions.

The morning Treat Committee has been helpful for my training. I have their full intention, and they are eager to please. They watch each other closely.

If you need help with your dog, contact Dog Support, my new dog counseling, and training advisory program.

I charge $50 a half-hour and enjoy the work very much. I’m happy to share what I’ve experienced and done myself. I’m so glad to be paid for it.

If you need help or ideas for your dog, click here, and I’ll take it from there. Thanks, jon.


  1. Cesar’s name should not even be mentioned as a “dog trainer”. He is a Neanderthal who does so much more harm than good. He has no clue about learning theory. He is a horrid human being. I worked long and hard to learn what I needed to know to become a certified professional dog trainer. (CPDT/KA) I have never been much impressed by initials after my name, I have more, but who cares? I practice science-based, HUMANE training. Cesar abuses dogs and their owners. His name should not even be thought of when it comes to training.

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