20 January

Dusk In A Storm Walk-A-Round. Photo Journal, Dusk, Friday, January 20, 2023

by Jon Katz

I did my Walk-A-Round with my Leica at dusk. The sheep came out hoping for more grain. It is cold, wet, rainy, and dark here, but the animals are the same. Lulu and Fanny saw immediately that I had no Afalfa chunks on me, and they walked back into the barn, disinterested. Donkeys are mountain and desert animals, but they do not like ice.

The weather is nastier tonight than before; we’re staying in with an order of pizza I got last night, some bluegrass music streaming on  Caffe Lena TV, some mysteries to read and watch. The storm will clear tomorrow; go out for breakfast in the morning and do some chores and hang around.

It’s been an intense week; we could use some rest.



Sheep almost never stop grazing, not even in two feet of snow. They always seem to find something to eat, especially if the snow is not too deep or frozen.

This apple tree in the pasture is a photographer’s friend. My friend George Forss taught me to be patient, and to follow my heart. If I felt any emotion, take the picture. I feel a lot of emotion around this old apple tree.

Several of the sheep couldn’t resist heading out to the back pasture. They always find something to nibble on there.

My office Amaryllis (thanks Maria) in black and white.


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