23 January

End Of Storm, They Weren’t Kidding About This Storm. It Wasn’t A False Alarm

by Jon Katz

The snowstorm ended around 3 p.m., leaving between 6 and 10 inches of snow, depending on the wind and the drifts. I learned this morning that I can’t help as much as I used to in storms like this. I just have to accept it. Everybody part is protesting, and I need to keep testosterone out of the equation.

We’re all shoveled out; my computer wi-fi and cable are working again. It’s time for a quiet hour, which I seem to need today. Some resting, some meditating, some reading, and some music. Tonight on Caffe Lena┬áTV, a bluegrass singer was kicked out of Venezuela, and a Grammy-nominated (also bluegrass singer) from North Caroline.

The roads are still messy; there is snow everywhere. I can’t think of a sweeter way to spend tonight. Bluegrass music in front of a fire with Maria.

I’m there. First I need some silence.

Last night I was restless and turned on some Gregorian Chant (De Profundis) and left it on all night. It was a lovely background and got me to sleep for five hours.


  1. I’m glad to read that you and Maria (and the critters) are all safe from the storm. We had about three inches here in northern CT, so our world is white with beautiful fluffy snow again. At least until tomorrow, when it’s supposed to rain…again. I like the idea of Gregorian chants to help with sleep…I like the Spa channel on Sirius XM and let it play all night, too, but will have to explore other options. Meditation on Amazon Music is also a great channel, but it turns off after an hour or two.

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