23 January

Me And Simon, Two Asses On The Road

by Jon Katz

I think this is one of my favorite Simon photos. Maria took it as we returned from a long walk in the woods together. I don’t think Simon had ever had a chance to walk in the woods in his life, he was bewildered at first, then warmed to it.

It was one of the sweetest animal experiences in my life to see him so happy, sniffing and staring in wonder; his universe suddenly and radically expanded. Thanks to all of you who loved him so much, I was convinced he felt that.


  1. Jon, Sending a copy (signed) from Battenkill Books to a friend – i feel we knew Simon and loved him as much as you did.

  2. I love Simons story and have read the book several times! It is a testimony to the human animal bond and the power of love! These are beautiful pictures of the two of you!

  3. I loved the story of Simon. I wish he could have enjoyed more time at Bedlam Farm, but what time he had was filled with kindness and love.

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