8 February

Bud Challenges A Beautiful Visitor, A Bald Eagle

by Jon Katz

We heard Bud (our Boston Terrier) barking furiously out in the backyard, and since Bud is fearless, we often make sure he isn’t annoying something that could eat him. He was. Maria spotted the giant bald eagle and called me outside. He was a beautiful and regal thing sitting high up in our maple tree behind the farmhouse.

Bud I was at the bottom of the tree, barking furiously and insisting the eagle get out of our tree. Since the eagle could have swallowed Bud like a cracker, we got Bud inside and watched in wonder. The eagle, who perhaps didn’t want to challenge this crazy little creature, took off slowly and grandly flew right over the cars and trucks and up the road.

This is the kind of thing we often see up here at the farm, making life memorable and uplifting. People need to be around nature and animals, I believe. It isn’t healthy to get too far away. When I moved here, I realized living in cities was exciting but unnatural.

But it is a remarkable little creature, the Little King. He has no idea how small he is. We were grateful for the visit.


  1. We live at the edge of a Maine lake and are often visited by eagles. (We had two 10# little dogs who were never left alone especially in the winter when the eagles are even more plentiful.) It never gets old seeing them. They’re magnificent and so regal. I’ve been known to sit and watch them sit in a tree for hours. Way better entertainment than I can find on TV.

  2. Wow! Those Boston Terriers really ARE valiant. “Nature” is all the amazing stuff that bursts out of clouds and shrubs the second I put away my camera. (Really! It was this big and this close! Ya just had to be there!). It must be so satisfying to catch a picture like that, to be in the right place and time thanks to your attunement to your land and your dogs.

  3. Had the honor of seeing a Bald Eagle swoop down and grab a fish while canoeing on the Potapsco River.

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