18 March

Robin Builds The First Snowman Of Her Life. Maria Taught Her How To Do It

by Jon Katz

It was one of the most exciting moments of Saturday.

My granddaughter Robin has never seen or built a snowman; she lives in the heart of every urban Brooklyn. Maria said, “let’s do it,” and Robin jumped at the idea.

So did Zinnia, who loves kids and loves hanging out with them. She watched every second closely.

Maria showed Robin how to roll the snow, and they both had a great time.

Robin’s First Snow Man. She had never seen one. Carrot for a noise, raisin for the eyes.

There was a lot of time spent shaping the Snow Man’s head. It was a small one; the snow was hard and icy. Zinnia ate the first carrot and raisin.  I told her to stop and she did.

They did a lot of designing, scraping, and planning; Zinnia was fascinated. At one point, Maria looked at me and said, “Grandpa, do you want to help build the snowman?” Grandpa did not hesitate. “No,” he said.

After all, somebody needs to record this milestone event. After building the snowman, the two went off to throw some rocks over the fence and into the pasture. They had a great time with much laughter.


  1. That’s great, made me smile. Yes, someone needs to be the photographer and Jon you do that very well. ❄️☃️❄️

  2. This is very cool! Glad Robin had this experience. I have grandkids in Texas. They came up at Christmas and built snowmen, snow forts, had snowball fights and went sledding. It was hard to get them inside, out of the cold as they were having so much fun.

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