18 March

Two Portraits Of Robin/Devil Eyes

by Jon Katz

I took two portraits of Robin to share.

Maria and Emma both say Robin has the same look as I do when I’m plotting something. I see that this is true. I’ve got a lot of photos of Robin; I’ll post them in chunks.


  1. What a delightful, mischievous look. It’s wonderful to share your enjoyable granddaughter. Thank you so much. She makes me smile happily.

  2. It is definitely the look of beware – mischief coming. What a sweet face. So happy that you get to visit with both of them.

  3. what a beautiful child, full of life and energy! And….if I may ask………. where does the beautiful red hair come from? Were either you or Emma’s Mother redheads? It’s lovely…….. I know your sweet visit will be all too short and I DO hope you get some one on one time with Emma. I think she needs it as much as you do!
    Susan M

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