12 May

Back Home, Eager To Move Ahead

by Jon Katz

Doctor Ortiz was pleased with the surgery; he believes he smashed my kidney stone to bits. I’m still feeling the effects of the anesthesia, and I plan on resting for a few hours.

As we came into the driveway, I saw this beautiful image of two poppies against the red barn. It was a picture that needed to be taken.

I’ve got a couple of days of rest ahead of me and some discomfort. It seems the operation went perfectly.

I think it’s a miracle to have the kidney stone smashed to bits and be home 90 minutes later.

For all of the problems, we also can make miracles. We stopped for lunch at a cafe along the way.

As always, we managed to have a lot of fun. I love kidding around with the nurses.

(Maria and I always end up taking photos of one another with our iPhones)

This is a big deal for me; my surgeries were over, and both went well. I hate being in those hospital gowns, but I remember nothing of the operation.

It’s time to give thanks and move forward, look ahead, stay healthy, and get healthier. Maria was always wonderful; we have fun talking with the doctors and nurses about life, kids, dogs, and health.

There was also a lot of laughter —time to rest, more later. I’ve got my last fund-raising for Folasade and her college life. This weekend I’ll take it easy.


  1. As far as we believe in miracles, they could become a daily routine!^^ Especially to you and for you, Jon!!
    Maria looks really lovely, and the poppies, my favorite flowers, are truly fantastic!!
    You are an incredibly gifted photographer!!
    Continue to stay content, blessed, and radiant!!!

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