12 May

The Oddballs: Even Flower Gardens Have Outcasts With Distinct Personalities.

by Jon Katz

My surgery began ten minutes after nine; I was wheelchaired out of the hospital because of light-headedness; we stopped for lunch on the way home and got home at 11:30 a.m. That is amazing.

The operation went quickly and well, I have experienced bursts of sharp pain, and as we all probably know, the other discomfort part is getting the shattered kidney stone to pass out of my body. Good riddance.

As many have pointed out, ┬áit’s not that bad and a lot better than passing an intact kidney stone. I will only take Ibuprofen for pain relief;

I was in a fog until late afternoon when I stood up, fended off a wave of nausea, and set out to take a few pictures. Maria suggested that I didn’t need to do this today, but the truth is, I did. They make me feel a lot better than painkillers.

Flowers have distinct personalities to me, some smile, some frown, and some rise above it all.


Today, my big idea was to move in on the flowers that stood out, that seemed like outliers and outcasts and were not like the other flowers. This is a projection, but I relate to them as lifelong outcasts and oddballs.

Some of them stand out for me; these are the ones I photographed today. They all seemed alone to me; I’m sure it’s in my head.



I have no idea what this flower is, but the new buds called out to me.


Some young Geraniums made themselves known today; the garden beds are coming to life.


This color Pansie practically shouted at me. I never tire of these aggressive and happy flowers. They won’t be around for long. They are my happy flowers.


  1. Amazing and soul-uplifting pictures! Thank you, Jon, for sharing them with us!!
    Your garden full of fascinating flowers on the farm full of beautiful lives seems a paradise to me, and I appreciate you and Maria so very much for transforming the farm into a paradise!!!
    You’re gonna be healthier, younger, and happier with Maria for a long, long time, I bet!!!^^

  2. The mystery plant is called “Pocketbook Plant” and it’s got a whole family collectively called “Lady’s purses”. It also carries the name “slipper flower”. You’re the reporter and photographer. I’m the nerd.

  3. And I forgot to congratulate you on the successful surgery. That is wonderful news! Thank you for it.

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