30 September

Fall Color Riot. My Flowers Sing Their Song. Seven Images To Do What Flowers Do Best: Touch Your Soul, Life Your Spirits

by Jon Katz

I went on a color and light mission this afternoon, just as the sun burst through the clouds, I walked around my garden bed in search of flowers that will life the spirits and shine up the soul. I got lucky, I think, I used my Leica and my Iphone to capture these images.

My garden took a battering with all the rain, and the temperatures are beginning to drop. But there is plenty of life and color left. It’s a great pleasure for me to pursue it. I am always surprised by how many beautiful pictures of flowers that I can take.

More rain and more sun. That seems to be the formula.

I think flowers need one another and are drawn together.

The smallest flowers are blooming now, beautiful in a different way.


The begonias are elegant, dignified, they love autumn.



  1. first time I’ve seen a fuschia (sp) in your photos………it is beautiful and so rich in color. Your flowers are alive and providing all of us with joy and love …….and uplifting every day!
    Susan M

  2. The first flower photo is breathtaking in its beauty! (The magenta close up of the flower’s center). Your best flower shot ever

  3. Stunning photos especially the first one. The fuscia and begonia are also stand out photos. Thank you!

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