30 September

Zip’s Journey: Touching Noses Now, Touching Our Hearts, A Remarkable Moment In Our Lives

by Jon Katz

When we decided to adopt Zip, we never expected that he would be so affectionate or end up dozing. In Maria’s lap just a few days after, we let him out of his crate. Just after he crawled into her lap and went to sleep, he had crawled into mine to get some petting and attention. We were both shocked and touched.

He was described to us as a needy and anxious cat; we were told he would take a long time to get comfortable in a new place. He was feral yet also needed, we were told. He had no desire to get into anybody’s lap or enter anyone’s house; he had lived alone and outside for eleven months.

It seems we broke through whatever barrier that was, Maria first, me second. He hides when strangers show up and stay near his barn safety house. He won’t come near the farmhouse. But more and more, he shows excellent devotion, trust, and affection for us.

He had never lived this way with people before; it is clearly something he very much wanted, and so did we. The connection between people and animals has been one of the joys of my life, and it is at the center of Maria’s life, which has helped me learn so much.

I’m very much surprised by his impact on the farm and on our lives. And on me. Animals are a reflection of us; they give us what we need, and we return the favor.

I could hardly believe it when I saw him climb into Maria’s lap, cuddle up, lie down, and sleep. It was a touching and beautiful moment for me, and I always had my camera at hand. Maria was stunned when Zip touched noses with her, the nearly universal way friendly animals greet one another. Zinnia does it all the time.

Zip’s entry into our lives was a kind of bombshell we didn’t expect but indeed wanted. This is a testimony to love, trust, and patience; we have learned so much about those things during our lives with animals.

I was going to save his photo for tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to share it. It brings me great pleasure; I hope it also brings you some. This was not the cat we thought we were getting, but it was the cat we were delighted to have. There are many lessons; I don’t know what they are yet.



  1. The photo of Maria and Zip touches my heart. He’s becoming the cat he was meant to be under your care and love. Pure trust!

  2. Yes. Such a joy for you and Maria & even more so for your readers. I so anticipate Zip & Bud to become best friends. Stranger things have happened.

  3. Great photo that captures how comfortable Zip is. He is not going anywhere. He found his forever home with you and Maria.

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